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Diani Beach

Er et moderne turiststed ca 45 km sør for Mombasa i Kenya, Øst Afrika.

Her finner du en 20km lang kritthvit sandstrand med vaiende kokospalmer.

Stranden ligger innenfor et stort korallrev som strekker seg langs hele Øst Afrika.

Diani har 3 store shoppingsentre,flere bakerier,apotek,bensinstasjon, minibank osv.

Ca 1,5 km fra Villa Milele er Diani Beach Hospital Et topp moderne privat sykehus

Diani Beach er et perfekt sted for Kitesurfing.

Diani Beach

Is a vibrant, intimate little paradise on the quiet shores of the

Indian Ocean just south of Mombasa in exotic Kenya.

It is located along a beautiful palmfringed white-sandy beach,which is about 20 km long.

It merges with the small town of Ukunda which is home to a small airstrip. The area is known for its coral reefs, the closely located Shimba Hills National Reserve and for its black-and-white colobus monkeys. It has high-class restaurants,hotels and has three shopping centres. Also two modern private hospitals,one of them is Diani Beach Hospital

Diani Beach is also fast becoming popular as a global kitesurfing location.

Diani Beach from above.

Things to do in Diani/Southcoast 

East Africa, and the white sandy beaches of the turqoise indian ocean has alot of activities to offer.

From deepseafishing,snorkelling,scubadiving and boat-trips/dolphintrips, to Kitisurfing and parashooting from far above the shores......

Diani has also its own superb 18-hole golfcourse, home to the Diani Beach Masters, it’s a truly beautiful course and as well as 85 bunkers, there’s a lake, water fall, exotic birds and several species of monkey.

There are quite a few ecotourism and environmentfriendly organizations in Diani Beach.

You can go on excursions to learn more about tribes and culture at the coast , and visit a Kenyan village , and see the school. (The Kaya Kinondo project)

Diani has also a trust for the endangered Colobus-Monkey . There is a childrens orphanidge which you can visit and support.
(Diani Childrens village)

Shimba Hills National park is a small reserve only 30 km from Diani Beach and is approximately 250 square km in size.

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Coral Spirit offers the best of kenya South coast. You can book with us any marine tour or water Attraction to Diani, Chale, Funzi, Wasini, Sii Islands, Kisite Marine Park and more.

Diving The Crab was established in 1985 when the first school was opened at Jadini Beach Hotel. Since then we have concentrated all our efforts in providing a professional and dedicated service to our clients. As a result our reputation is known worldwide. We are extremely privileged to be operating on Kenya's south coast, where the Idyllic Indian Ocean provides warm hospitable waters, teeming with marine life.

Come and join us in Kenya and enjoy one of the most wonderful scuba diving experiences of your life.

Miles of unspoilt coral reefs not only protect pure white beaches, but provide habitats for the thousands of varieties of marine life that can be found beneath the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

At the SWAHILI BEACH HOTEL you can spend the day by one of the many pools for a small fee including drinks. It is Diani Beach's most exclusive beach club.

Have lunch in one of the hotel's very good restaurants.

Situated on Diani Beach, Diani Fishing Club has 3 bases in different hotels: Aqualand Watersports Centre next to Pinewood Hotel, Ocean Watersports at Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa and The Watersports Centre at Indian Ocean Beach Club. Owner Volker Bassen is originally from Sweden and has lived along the Kenyan coast for almost two decades

The Kenyan coast has in the recent past seen an increase in whale shark population and in the months of February-March each year, there is almost guaranteed sightings of these elusive giants.

Visitors staying at the beach resorts along the south coast can join in on daily whale shark safari’s lasting 4 hours. This one of a kind expedition is simply one you can’t afford to miss. Whale sharks are mostly seen on the surface hence divers and snorkelers can swim with this gentle, curious creature while watching the research teams go through the delicate tagging process.

Daily trips are scheduled to depart by boat from Pinewood Village in Diani every morning. A spotter plane will be available to assist in locating the whale sharks which can be difficult to spot at times.

This is truly a memorable experience and helps to support research and conservation.

For bookings please contact Nimu on +254720293156

or email

For More Information visit

Welcome to H2O Extreme! Bringing wind sports in Kenya to a whole new level!

We are an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Center with 3 locations along the unspoiled coast of Diani Beach, Kenya.

The centers cater for your whole family providing you with our main sport of Kitesurfing as well as Windsurfing, SUP, sea kayaks, and body boards. From beginner to pro we will cater for your needs. Offering courses for all levels and rentals for all the activities. Expert clinics, Downwinders, and Adventure trips to secret spots on request.

Your eco-tour around Diani beach, the most beautiful beach

in Kenya.

Pilli Pipa Dolphin Safaris is a day trip that specialises in scuba diving, snorkelling and dolphin watching, all done in Kisite Marine Park; a secluded island off the Kenyan coast. For more information check out our website

Massage is a therapy that can have beneficial changes within the body, mind and is the art of touch, a therapy that has deep healing powers for both mind and body. It comforts helps to ease muscle tension, improves circulation, alleviates mental stress.

Oils which are extracted from aromatic herbs, flowers and plants work in a numberof ways to improve and maintain health. Each plant essence has its own healing properties. The art of using oils to promote feeling of health and well- being is called Aromatherapy. All massages begin with a floral foot wash and Aromatic salt scrub, refreshment of Swahili cinnamon tea - a must to try. (bottled water used.)

Maya Spa, Diani Reef Resort

Wellness at Diani Reef Spa Resort in Kenya takes the shape of ""Maya"", one of the finest Spas in the country. Our wellness spa resort takes an uncompromising approach to your health, well-being and beauty. This goes beyond the appearance to treat, touch, scent & surround every part of you. All the therapies being offered at Maya Spa in our wellness resort have been carefully chosen to create the perfect environment in combating stress, pollution & discomforts caused by urban life. With our commitment to holistic health, we at our spa resort have selected ingredients that are as close to nature as possible.

Our dedicated and professional staff will help to advise you on the variety of personalized face and body treatments that will make your stay with us a memorable one. Join us on a journey that captures the healing energy emanating from a wide spectrum of holistic wellness therapies such as Ayurveda, Thallaso Therapy, Balenotherapy, Aqua or Hydro Treatment, Reflexology, Aroma Therapy, Body & Face Treatments, Skin Care Therapies, Envelopments, Yoga, Aerobics, Meditation & Salon Services, which makes our Maya spa at Diani reef resort in Kenya a unique destination rather than just any other spa - a tranquil balance of nature soothing stress & easing strain.

The Colobus Trust is a conservation organization designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection

of primates like the rare Angolan Colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in southern Kenya. The Trust was established in 1997 in response to an outcry from local residents about the high number of deaths of the Colobus in the Diani area. Now the Trust has numerous projects concerning the wildlife and the citizens of Kenya, including animal welfare, biological/ecological research, community development and education, forest protection and enrichment and eco-tourism awareness programs.

The Diani Children’s Village was started in 1994 with an objective of providing orphans, neglected and abandoned children with a home. The home caters for basic needs; health care, education, recreation, skill building opportunities etc. This is to give the children hope and provide a foundation for a future independent life.

Kaya Kinondo

Kaya Kinondo Ecotourism Project is a community initiative in conservation. The project is dedicated towards conservation of Kaya Kinondo Sacred forest whilst linking conservation with socio-economic benefits to the community.

Kaya Kinondo on facebook

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Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is a programme of The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), Coast Branch that operates several workshops and a cultural centre through which it offers social and economic rehabilitation and empowerment of people with disabilities.

It is a self sustaining, non-profit and Fair-Trade organisation and also an APDK Programme that seeks to forge strategic alliances and partnerships with others to advance its cause. Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is governed by a Management Committee nominated from the APDK, Coast Branch membership. The day-to-day running of the workshops and cultural Centre is done by the Programme Manager and the management staff. The Programme Manager reports directly to the APDK Coast Branch Executive Officer.

The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK) was established in 1958 as an NGO and is the largest service provider for persons with disabilities in Kenya. We operate 9 main Branches with 15 Satellite Branches which are strategically located in the most densely populated areas of Kenya.

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